Driving Sustainability and Performance: Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen by HINCOL for Roads That Last.

Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB) is an innovative and sustainable solution that enhances the properties of conventional bitumen by incorporating recycled rubber granules obtained from end-of-life tires. This eco-friendly approach not only helps in recycling waste rubber but also improves the performance and durability of bitumen in road construction projects.

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Reduce Maintenance Costs, Enhance Pavement Life, and Excellent Driving Comfort  

Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen conforming to IS 15462:2004 is a premium quality Modified Bitumen manufactured using viscosity grade refinery bitumen.

It offers higher resistance to deformation at elevated temperatures, better water resistance, high elastic recovery, and enhances the pavement’s life. 

Specifications as per IRC SP53:2002


  • High Skid Resistance
  • Resistance to temperature variations
  • Prevent Rutting
  • Edge Resistance

Optimal Performance in Any Climate: HINCOL Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen Grades for Hot and Cold Regions.

CRMB Grades

  • CRMB 60 Recommended for Hot Climate Area
  • CRMB 55 Recommended for Moderate Climate Area
  • CRMB 50 Recommended for Cold-Climate Area

Mastering Mobility: CRMB Application for Heavy Traffic Roads, Runways, and More.

CRMB is also widely used in the construction of airport runways, racetracks, and other high-stress areas where the pavement is subjected to heavy loads and extreme conditions.

The enhanced properties of CRMB, such as improved resistance to deformation and extended service life, make it a reliable choice for these specialized applications.


  • Wearing Course for Heavy Traffic Road
  • Stress Absorbing Membrane Interlay (SAMI)
  • Areas with High Rainfalls, Snowfalls
  • Waterproofing Concrete Surface
  • Airport Runways
  • Industrial and Multimodal Platforms